Application support

As well as manufacturing shakers, Kuhner AG offers advice on cultivation in shaken bioreactors.

Our in-house laboratory has a large collection of experimental data and uses a number of online-measuring methods, as well as computer supported models, for problem solving. Collaboration with universities, especially with academic partners Prof. Büchs (AVT, RWTH Aachen, Germany) and Prof. Wurm (LBTC, EPFL Lausanne, Switzerland), can also provide answers to complex questions.

This consultation service is free of charge for Kuhner customers and of course confidential.

Sample Questions:

  • Do your cultures receive an adequate supply of oxygen in either shake flasks or microtiter plates?

  • You are working with an orbital shaking diameter of 50 mm. One of your colleagues wants to reproduce your experiment, but uses a shaker with a different orbital movement. What speed (rpm) should he select to achieve comparable cultivation results?

  • For scale-up, what gassing-rate should you set in the stirred bioreactor to get the same results as in the shake flask?