Humidity control

Humidity control

Humidity control - to significantly reduce evaporation.


If it is worth doing, it is worth doing right. Accurate, dual-sided, controlled humidity is an important factor when working with microtiter plates or when cultivating in a flask for long periods (e.g. cell cultures). With humidification evaporation can be markedly reduced. Kuhner instruments are the only option for dual sided humidity control - an important distinction to make and the difference is shown here:

Kuhner controls to set point.

Process value maintained strictly at set point.

Others control 'at or above' set point.

Loosely-defined humidity supplementation.

Humidity control to set point

Only with a downward control force on humidity, as is done in Kuhner machines, can one achieve true control to set point. Small variations over long periods of time lead to incomparable datasets and irreproducible results. If only 'humidity supplementation' is desired, a simple water pan is a very robust and effective solution compared to 'injection' type devices and we do offer a pan for this application. Get control of your humidity with Kuhner Shaker dual-sided humidity control.

Digital PID control, incorporating a microprocessor, ensures exact regulation of the humidity. In Kuhner incubator shakers humidification is by means of an electrically heated evaporation basin with automatic water refill. The condensing water is also returned to the basin.

The relative humidity is measured by a capacitive sensor.

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Door heaters

Condensation is avoided by heating the door frames and windows.

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Calibration of the humidity controller

Calibration is simple and requires the following

  • a Type ER-15 calibration device for a 15mm sensor
  • a Rotronic humidity standard (lithium chloride solution) e.g. for 80% humidity,
  • a shaker serial interface and personal computer with ‘ISIS’ software installed
The system is checked by producing a known humidity in a small chamber which is mounted on the sensor element. Unsaturated lithium chloride solutions are used as humidity standards. Different solutions are available for various humidity values. These solutions can be supplied by Kuhner.

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