Universal Trays



Predrilled for accepting a variety of clamps and racks.


Universal tray

The universal tray can be fitted with clamps for Erlenmeyer flasks, test tube holders, microtiter plates, or custom made holders to suit your requirements. Rearranging these clamps and holders is quick and simple.


Order Number Description
SM3002 Universal tray EU (420 x 420 mm)
SMX3002 Universal tray EXU (500 x 420 mm)
SM3003 Universal tray FU (800 x 420 mm)
SM3004 Universal tray CU (800 x 660 mm)

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Special universal tray, FUV

A special F-size universal tray (800x420mm) is now available to shake large Erlenmeyer flasks. It is ideal for cell culture.

This tray allows parallel shaking of 7 x 3L Corning Fernbach culture flasks or 7 x 5L Thomson Optimum Growth flasks at a maximum orbital diameter of 50mm. The FUV has no handles and a V support underneath the tray raises it above the clamping mechanism creating more space for flasks.

Clamps must be ordered separately. (Order number: SM313000F)


Order Number Description

Special universal tray, FUV with V support

(Clamps not included)


U-3000F clamp for Fernback flasks:

1 x 5L Thomson flask or

1 x 3L Corning Fernback culture flask


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