Holder for deep well plates (System Duetz)

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Special holder with filter lid for deep well microtiter plates.


Kuhner has designed a special single-position holder for System Duetz filter lids for deep well microtiter plates. This holder ensures stability of the microtiter plate as well as even contact pressure across the filter lid to prevent contamination between wells. This stainless steel microtiter plate holder is simple to use and the lid is autoclavable.

System Duetz is an integrated, easy-to-use technology platform for rapid handling and growth of large numbers of strains, clonal libraries, and mutant banks in 24 or 96-well microtiter plates. This system is appropriate for robotic clone creation and selection steps for both mammalian and microbial applications.

The system enables the growth in microplates of thousands of strains simultaneously without excessive repetitive handling: all handling is performed in parallel for sets of 24 or 96 strains. No robotic equipment is required. The system was originally developed and validated at the Institute of Biotechnology of the ETH Zurich.

Most often it is found that, for cultivations of 7-14 days, users employ the 'low evaporation' versions of the plate covers below. The most common cover uses 'spongey silicone' compression layers - but specialty layers featuring solid silicone and steel covers featuring retentition pins for robotics handling are also available. Contact us if you have questions regarding which cover is best suited for your well plates and application.

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The full list of clamps, well-plate covers and replacement inlays can be found in the 'Add-ons' section of our webpage. Click the image below to be directed to the full product list.

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