1949 Founding of Kuhner AG in Riehen Basel, Switzerland by Mr Adolf Kühner 
1963 1st series of shakers with the parallelogram
1970 1st series of Large Capacity Incubator Shakers (IRC-1)
1973 1st series of shakers with AC-Linear-Motors (Direct drive) 
1975 Installation of the first computer with a "Teletype" as human interface
1976 Delivery of 1st series of own microprocessor boards
1978 Additional factory purchased in Birsfelden. Production of big shakers moved to the location
1978 1st series of 20-l-Apparatus (dust explosion testing)
1980 1st series of shakers with DC-Linear-Motors (Direct drive)
1981 1st series of shaker Cabinets ISF-4
1985 Adolf Kuhner AG moved into premises in Birsfelden, which were rented by Ciba Geigy
1985 Markus Kühner and Christoph Cesana took over the management of the company
1989 1st series of Stackable Incubator Shakers ISF-1
1991 1st series of Rack-Shaker Systems
1992 1st series of MIE equipment Mike 3 (3rd generation)
1995 ISO 9001 Certification
1995 Purchase of the Ciba Geigy premises in Birsfelden and acquisition of the enclosed production hall
1998 1st series of Large Capacity Shakers with Direct drive
1999 First “Applied Shaking Technology Symposion” in Basel, led together with Prof. Büchs
2000 1st series of Incubator Shakers with CO2-control
2001 2nd“Applied Shaking Technology Symposion” in New York
2003 High-performance shakers with a pull-out tray option
2006 Introduction of the new shaking machine series X
2011 Product range extension through the Large capacity (200L) disposable shaken bioreactor